Ways to Invest and Make Money

Investing and Trading

If you are looking for places to invest your money, then congratulations! At least you have some money to invest, so well done on that!

There are two strategies involved in investing – investing to preserve the wealth you already have and investing to make money.

If you are investing to preserve your wealth then you need to look at solid companies that make good profits, pay dividends and won’t be going out of business any time soon. These are the sort of companies that Warren Buffett likes, so check out Warren Buffett below.

If you are investing to make money because the money you currently have is not enough to make you secure in the long-term or get you out of what you perceive to be poverty, then you may be willing to take more risk. If you are in a hurry then you need to be able to make 10% a month or more quickly ! That is a high-risk strategy and you will need to be incredibly lucky to pull it off, nevertheless you may feel you are a lucky person, so look for stocks that are moving rapidly while still allowing you to get in and out quickly – avoid paying too much in fees, however, as that will just eat away at your profits and make your cheap online broker rich and not you. Check out the suggestions below for places to make money quickly on the stock market. Even being lucky you will need at least a couple of years to make any headway whatsoever, so remember you need to cut any loss making trades quickly and ensure that your winning trades make you more money than your losing trades lose you!

You might also want to consider are and antiques but that is hardly a get-rich quick strategy, more of a slow long-term grind and you will need a fair amount of cash to get started, unless you get lucky again in the world of first edition books. You would need to buy a signed first edition from a new unknown author who suddenly goes viral becomes a millionaire and whose books sell like the proverbial hot cakes. You need to have bought your signed first edition before all this happens of course, so a bit of a gamble too, but an interesting one.

Flipping houses is also back in fashion so you might want to look for rundown neighborhoods that are on their way back, where houses can be bought for 2k – you need to research the market of course to discover which hoods are rising again.

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If you thought the Royal Mail flotation was interesting (price currently 580 after floating at 330p 2 weeks ago) then you might be interested in keeping an eye on Poundland, this is rumoured to be floating on the London stock market early in the New year, and could be an interesting punt, as they expand their shops throughout the UK.

Whatever you decide to do with your money, remember to take care once you have made it! It is very easy to make a lot of money then to lose it all again! This is because you don’t change your mindset. You need to change from trying to make money, when you don’t have much, to making sure you don’t lose money, once you have made a pile! Don’t continue investing in whacky start-ups once you have made a few hundred thousand, make sure you switch and start investing in companies that make a profit and will pay you a regular dividend! There is noting worse than gambling hundreds of thousands when it is not necessary and losing it! Play safe!